TAPE 1238

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 7.5 hrs (4 DVD)

WING BOX SET #1 (Pretty decent box set from WING highlighting their first couple years. I think these are basically just their original VHS comm tapes remastered into DVDs, not 100% sure. This stuff was much-sought back when I started trading and it was damn near impossible to get it in high quality. Now it's available in perfect VQ. I've got split DVD masters, so quality is EX. All matches clipped unless noted.)
Headhunters vs Ryo Miyake & Yukihiro Kanemura, 8/7/91 (Back in '91, the Headhunters looked like future superstars. Abdullah-lookalikes that could do moonsaults? Awesome!) Gypsy Joe vs Masaru Toi, 8/7/91 Mr. Pogo, TNT & Steve Collins vs Akitoshi Saito, Koichiro Kimura & Mitsuteru Tokuda, 8/7/91 Koichiro Kimura vs Hideki Hosaka, 8/17/91 (Shoot-style - Kimura is maybe the worst shoot-style wrestler ever) Mr. Pogo vs Mitsuteru Tokuda, 8/17/91 (Street Fight) Akitoshi Saito vs TNT, 8/17/91 (Lumberjack) Headhunters vs Eddie Gilbert & Tom Prichard, 9/19/91 Danny Davis vs Masaru Toi, 9/19/91 (Davis is defending the USWA jr title here) Koichiro Kimura & Yukihiro Kanemura vs Mitsuteru Tokuda & Hideki Hosaka, 9/19/91 Mr. Pogo & TNT vs Akitoshi Saito & The Iceman, 9/19/91 (Cage - Iceman does a nice crossbody off the top of the cage; Gypsy Joe makes a save after the match and gets destroyed) Yukihiro Kanemura vs Mitsuteru Tokuda, 12/10/91 Mil Mascaras & The Iceman vs Mr. Pogo & Miguel Perez Jr, 12/10/91 (Before the match, Mascaras speaks - IN ENGLISH. He actually works hard here, doing brawling and chairshots) Mitsuhiro Matsunaga's infamous balcony dive, 2/9/92 The Iceman vs Miguel Perez Jr, 2/16/92 Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs Dick Murdoch, 2/16/92 (Murdoch wins by SUBMISSION!) Mr. Pogo vs Gypsy Joe, 2/16/92 (Cage Death match - Pogo destroys Joe with a bunch of chairs; after the match, Matsunaga runs in to save Joe and puts on a deadly CHINLOCK!!!!) Headhunters vs Ivan & Vladimir Koloff, 3/8/92 Mr. Pogo vs Mitsuhiro Matsunaga, 3/8/92 (Barbed Wire Bat - Pogo sets Matsunaga's head on fire!) Headhunters vs Mitsuteru Tokuda & The Iceman, 3/11/92 (Barbed Wire) Mr. Pogo vs Yukihiro Kanemura, 3/11/92 Mr. Pogo vs Yukihiro Kanemura, 3/13/92 Iceman vs Miguel Perez Jr, 3/13/92 (Scaffold - they actually use a scaffold crane/truck for this. The scaffold has very sturdy guard rails and essentially acts like a mini ring. The result is that they can do some nice spots up on the platform before the big drop.) Gypsy Joe vs Tazmaniac, 4/5/92 (Yep, that's Tazz...) Kamala vs Kevin Sullivan, 4/5/92 Mr. Pogo & Super Invader vs Yukihiro Kanemura & Mitsuteru Tokuda, 4/5/92 (Matsunaga is at ringside but injured; he gets attacked by Pogo and KEVIN SULLIVAN makes the save) Masayoshi Motegi vs Masaru Toi, 5/7/92 Yukihiro Kanemura vs Super Invader, 5/7/92 Wahoo McDaniel vs The Grappler, 5/7/92 (Indian Strap match) Mr. Pogo vs Jason the Terrible, 5/7/92 (Casket Match - Complete - Pogo tries to set the casket on fire with Jason in it!) Gran Sheik vs Cheetah Kid, 6/11/92 Jimmy Backlund vs Masaru Toi, 6/11/92 Bill Dundee vs Chaz, 6/11/92 Mr. Pogo, Super Invader & the Headhunters vs Jason the Terrible, Masaru Toi, Hiroshi Shimada, & Mitsuter Tokuda (Elimination Tag - Complete - Matsunaga attacks Pogo while wearing a crown made of barbed wire!) Akira Hokuto & Etsuko Mita vs Kyoko Inoue & Sakie Hasegawa, 8/2/92 (This match takes place outside in a very heavy downpour. Did I mention that the match is ultra-slick because it is flame-retardant? Doesn't really stop the ladies though as they do all kinds of spots while sliding around the ring.) Jason the Terrible vs Leatherfae, 8/2/92 (Caske Match) Headhunters vs Iceman & Winger, 8/2/92 Mr. Pogo vs Mitsuhiro Matsunaga, 8/2/92 (Fire Death Match - Complete - fortunately for WING, the rain stopped before this match. After the match, Victor Quinones berates Pogo, slapping him repeatedly until Pogo finally responds and TURNS BABYFACE.) Mil Mascaras vs El Canek, 8/15/92 (IWA vs UWA titles) Mr. Pogo & Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs Headhunters, 8/15/92 (Pogo & Matsunaga are now uneasy partners and end up arguing after the match) Mr. Pogo vs Kim Duk (Tiger Chung Lee), 9/27/92 (Falls Count Anywhere - Matsunaga saves Pogo after the match, showing they've made up) Yukihiro Kanemura vs Shoji Nakamaki, 12/20/92 (Nakamaki gets squashed and they brawl after, leading to...) Yukihiro Kanemura vs Shoji Nakamaki, 12/20/92 (Nakamaki gets another crack at Kanemura and fails, so we get...) Yukihiro Kanemura vs Shoji Nakamaki, 12/20/92 Jason the Terrible vs Freddy Krueger, 12/20/92 (Loser Leaves Town - Jason loses and then gets double-teamed by Freddy and another Jason.) Mr. Pogo vs Kim Duk (Cage - Before the match, Duk speaks in English. GOOD English. Man is it weird to see Tiger Chung Lee speaking English!) Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs Leatherface, 12/20/92 (Spike Nail Match)