TAPE 1240

Quality: EX (Master Convert - See Below)

Length: 52 min (DVD)

UWF TV #51 - 12/13/86 (Another converted broadcast master. Quality on this is amazing - like a commercial DVD. However, the opening 30 seconds have a bad picture roll. This is during the "previously on..." segment and impacts nothing of any importance.)
Hacksaw Duggan & Terry Taylor vs The Libyan & Bobby Perez Announcement of John Tatum's Car Wreck (Jack Victory gets Mike George to take his place) Eli the Eliminator vs Ken Massey One Man Gang & Bill Irwin vs Brett Sawyer & Jeff Gaylord (They just won the belts - why isn't Irwin teaming with Leroy Brown here?) Bill Watts Announcing First Blood Bunkhouse Brawls Savannah Jack vs Buddy Roberts (Michael Hayes comes down to ringside with a jar of hair removal cream but is then too scared to get into the ring to use it) Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams video "Living in America" Chavo Guerrero vs Art Crews Video Recap: Eddie Gilbert's "Blindness" Fantastics & Missing Link vs Sting, Rick Steiner & Eddie Gilbert (TV Time Runs Out)