TAPE 1244

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 86 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING VOL 9 - 10/6/84 (Another full episode of this terrific show from the Universal archives. I've got a DVD master so quality is perfect.)
Jim Ross defending the # of commercials during Power Pro episodes (This is hilarious - Jim tells us they have the same number as any other regular wrestling program. Maybe true Jim but that ain't the problem - commercials DURING the matches is!) Ted Dibiase vs Junkyard Dog, Mid-South TV, 6/23/82 (The burial of JYD continues as they dredge up this 2-year old match. Dibiase turns heel on JYD during this face vs face match, using a loaded glove to KO JYD and win the North American title. Watch Dibiase as he flips to the floor and hits his head *HARD* on the concrete floor. BRUTAL. Also, JYD comes in to absolutely no reaction from the fans - none. Not sure if they just manipulated the audio or what - doesn't sound like it though) Adrian Street vs Bobby Fulton, New Orleans, 10/1/84 (After defending themselves for not having too many commercials, Mid-South takes this 8 minute - maybe - match and stretches it across 2 commercial breaks, including one segment where you see only *3* minutes of action. Gimme a break!) Butch Reed vs Master G, New Orleans, 10/1/84 (JIP - Ghetto Street Fight - Good, violent match that sees the massive push of Master G continue with a victory here) Great Kabuki Video (He's showing off his weapons)
POWER PRO WRESTLING VOL 9 - 10/13/84 (Another full episode of this terrific show from the Universal archives. I've got a DVD master so quality is perfect.)
Midnight Express vs Rock & Roll Express, New Orleans, 10/1/84 (The R&R return from their 90 days out of town and win the Mid-South tag titles) Ted Dibiase vs Tito Santana, Houston, 6/24/83 (Ya know, I have no problem with Mid-South bashing the WWF or Junkyard Dog or whatever. I don't even have a problem with them showing old matches like this one to show their stars defeating WWF guys. I DO have a problem with being deceptive and deceitful about it. Here, Bill Watts says Tito Santana didn't have the guts to defend his WWF "International" title against Ted Dibiase in this match even though it took place EIGHT MONTHS BEFORE Tito won that title. Afterward, JR says Tito was clearly no match for the Mid-South star even though Tito dominated the whole match and only lost when Ted used a loaded glove on him. WTF. Come on guys, you can do better.) Bill Watts vs Terry Funk, Mid-South TV, 1976 Jim Ross Mocking the WWF (Here he points out how retarded it is for the WWF to claim that Kamala has never been slammed and then goes on to list a bunch of guys in Mid-South that have done it. I don't know that the WWF actually claimed Kamala had never been slammed though...)