TAPE 1250

Quality: EX

Length: 87 min (DVD)

RINGS AUSTRALIA NR2 - 9/13/98 (Rare all-shoot show from Australia. Plenty of action here making for exciting fights. Also present is Michael Schiavello - the future voice of MMA on HDNet. He's far more restrained here with none of his terrible catchphrases and analogies. He's actually competent here! Quality is EX, maybe VG/EX.)
Steven Farnell vs D-Man Craig Booth vs David Krstic Kevin Thompson vs Nathan Woodington Samuel Koch vs Tim Thomas Maynard Marcum vs Troy Ittensohn Daniel Higgins vs Tyrone Cross Brad Aird vs Barney Cook (Aird wins RINGS Australia title) Christopher Haseman vs Wataru Sakata (Throughout the show, they put over Haseman as a legend. Maybe so in Australia but elsewhere, he never even got to the level of an also-ran.)