TAPE 1256

Quality: VG/EX

Length: 86 min (DVD)

UWF TV - 5/17/86 (Another full episode from the awesome UWF. This TV was so great - you never knew who was going to show up or what was going to happen. Quality is VG/EX.)
Announcement of UWF title tournament in Houston Kamala vs Tracy Smothers Kortsia Korchenko vs Perry Jackson (Steve Williams runs in and attacks Korchenko then he gets jumped; Ted Dibiase makes his return by saving Doc) Bill Watts Telling Eddie Gilbert the Soviet flag is banned (He's sick & tired of seeing guys buried under the flag so he tells Gilbert it's banned; huge brawl ensues) Ted Dibiase vs Gustavo Mendoza (Michael Hayes makes his debut as a color commentator - I'm not a big fan of Hayes but his UWF was GREAT. His color work was among the best, too.) Interview w/the "Bad Girls of the UWF" (Dark Journey & Lady Maxine - interesting that they sorta portray DJ as a heel here but she goes full-on face by throwing a drink on Maxine) Jack Victory vs David Peterson Fantastics vs Buzz Sawyer & Rick Steiner (TV time runs out)
UWF TV - 5/24/86 (More of the same as above. Quality is VG/EX.)
Dark Journey throwing a drink on Lady Maxine, 5/17/86 (Clip) Gustavo Mendoza vs Perry Jackson (Gustavo gets a win!) UWF Fundraiser Ad Ted Dibiase vs Gary Young (Nice face vs face match-up here the features a cool exchange on commentary; Jim Ross: "He looks like he's in great condition", to which Michael Hayes replies "Of course! He's a professional wrestler!" DUH.) Bill Watts brawling with Eddie Gilbert, the Blade Runners & Kortsia Korchenko, 5/17/86 (JIP) Interview w/Bill Watts Re: Comback match against the Russians Sheepherders vs Brett Sawyer & Tracy Smothers Kamala vs Dave Peterson (No match - Hacksaw Duggan attacks Kamala) Hacksaw Duggan vs Kamala (Duggan kicks out of the Kamala splash!) Jack Victory & Lady Maxine vs Dark Journey & ??? (Maxine & Victory challenged Dark Journey to get a partner for a mixed match so she comes to the ring with....no one. Brilliant. Victory & Maxine beat her up. That DJ, quite the genius.) Michael Hayes vs Terry Taylor (No Match - Hayes has said he won't wrestle if Ted Dibiase does commentary for his match. Dibiase obliges him - leaving the booth to come to the ring...) Michael Hayes vs Ted Dibiase (The crowd is hot for this impromptu match; TV time runs out)