TAPE 1257

Quality: Varies (See Below)

Length: 77 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING - 5/10/86 (Another rare, mostly complete, episode. Quality is VG/EX.)
Chavo Guerrero vs Mr. Olympia, Houston, 6/24/83 (JIP) Steve Williams vs Taras Bulba, UWF TV, 3/29/86 Terry Taylor vs Humongous, Mid-South TV, 1986 Dick Murdoch vs Ted Dibiase, Oklahoma City, 12/31/85 Dark Journey video "Dress You Up" (This video is horrible but you do get to see that DJ is, in actuality, a white woman. They try to hide behind colored lights and tricks but you can still tell.)
POWER PRO WRESTLING - 5/17/86 (Another rare episode, quality is GD/VG)
The signing of the Freebirds ($1,000,000 contract!) Chavo Guerrero vs Rick Steiner, Houston, 5/9/86 (Jim Ross announces Steiner's name change) Video Feature: Kamala (He's shown vs Slaughter, pinning Billy Jack & pinning Kerry Von Erich) Bill Watts Promo (Holy Crap, this is hilarious. Bill's cutting a promo about getting ready for some matches and says his wife packed his bags for him. He's going through the stuff in his bag and showing what's in there. He's got a baseball bat so he yells at his wife for packing that - can't get it through airport security, ya know. Then he pulls out a Midnight Rider mask, "How'd that get in there?" Seriously, this is hilarious stuff.) Kamala vs Ricky Gibson Buzz Sawyer vs Koko B Ware, Houston, 5/9/86 (Jim Ross does voiceover commentary, which is a bit weird - since he did the original commentary for the match, too.)