TAPE 1261

Quality: EX (1st Gen Convert)

Length: 115 min (DVD)

K-1 HERCULES - 12/9/95 (Excellent show with lots of action in every fight. Mainly notable for having the MMA debut of Kiyoshi Tamura. I've got a 1st gen convert, VQ is EX.)
Nobuaki Kakuda vs Bruce Joe (Huge, scary-looking KO) Takeru vs Zane Frazier Michael Thompson vs Pedro Rizzo Maurice Travis vs Ernesto Hoost Duane Van Der Merwe vs Sam Greco Tae Kwon Do Demo (Includes an awesome spot where the guy does a flying kick and breaks boards at 3 different heights on the way down. Amazing!) Taiei Kin vs Peter Teysser MUSASHI VS STAN LONGINIDIS (Incredible fight with both guys throwing bombs the entire time. Really, really good, even for a non-kickboxing guy like myself.) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Patrick Smith (Tamura makes his MMA debut with an easy win) Satoshi Honma vs Rene Rooze (MMA rules) Andy Hug vs Jerome Le Banner Peter Aerts vs Mike Bernardo