TAPE 1262

Quality: EX (Master Convert - See Below)

Length: 93 min (DVD)

UWF TV - 1/31/87 (Another excellent show from the heyday of the UWF. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX - first 5 minutes are grainy, however.)
Terry Taylor vs Ken Massey Sting & Rick Steiner vs Jeff Gaylord & Jeff Raitz UWF Top 10 Iceman Parsons vs Art Crews Hacksaw Duggan & Terry Taylor vs Bill Irwin & Leroy Brown, 12/29/86 (JIP - Duggan & Taylor win UWF tag titles.) One Man Gang vs Gary Young Missing Link vs Buddy Roberts, Houston, 1/9/87 (Clip - finish not shown) Missing Link vs Michael Hayes, PPW, 1/24/87 (Gordy & Angel of Death run & KO Link w/ a chair) Missing Link vs Jack Victory Freebirds vs Steve Williams & Fantastics (TV time runs out on what is a wild match in front of a hot crowd)
UWF TV - 2/7/87 (More fun stuff from the UWF. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
One Man Gang vs Gary Young, UWF TV, 1/31/87 (JIP) Iceman Parsons vs Ken Massey Freebirds vs Steve Williams & the Fantastics, UWF TV, 1/31/87 (Conclusion from last week) Angel of Death vs Johnny West Savannah Jack vs Jack Victory Announcement of UWF Tag Tourney Seedings (They spend a lot of time talking about the tag tournament as if it's weeks away, yet they repeatedly say the date - 2/7/87, THE DAY THIS SHOW WAS BROADCAST IN MOST MARKETS. WTF.) Fantastics vs Sting & Eddie Gilbert (Steiner runs in & KOs Fulton w/Missy's Gucci bag) Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy vs Steve Williams & Ted Dibiase, Houston, 1/9/87 (Badstreet Match - JIP - match kind of just stops when Terry Gordy brings a chair into the ring and lays out Williams, Dibiase, and the ref with big chairshots. Hayes looks at Gordy like he has gone mad then cheers him. Great stuff!) Terry Taylor vs Art Crews