TAPE 1263

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 60 min (DVD)

UWF TV - 10/10/87 (Rare episode from late in the life of the UWF. At this point, they've switched to a newsdesk-style show. I've got a master convert, quality is EX.)
Nikita Koloff vs Black Assassin (JIP) Starrcade Control Center (during which they show...) RIC FLAIR VS RONNIE GARVIN, 9/25/87 (Cage - Last 2 min - Garvin wins NWA World title) Steve Williams vs Red Devil Eddie Gilbert & Terry Taylor vs Sting & Shane Douglas, 9/9/87 ("The Battle of New Orleans" - Finish & Brawl only - they give us the finish of the tag match and then run-ins by Rick Steiner & Chris Adams lead to a wild Tupelo-style brawl all over the building. Great stuff. Look for idiot Terry Taylor to throw a bucket of water with a brush in it - that Jim Ross stupidly calls a bucket of beer - on Adams making the floor dangerously wet) Missy Hyatt Interviewing JJ Dillon (Good grief, Missy was hot in 1987) Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs Italian Stallion & Denny Brown (JIP) Sheepherders vs Ken Massey & Bobby Howell Barry Windham vs Arn Anderson (JIP - Last minute or so of a draw; JR has obviously been told this will show the Horsemen jumping Windham as he talks like there was a 3 or 4-on-1 attack here when nothing like that is shown.) RIC FLAIR VS RONNIE GARVIN, 9/25/87 (Cage - Last 2 min - Garvin wins NWA World title - Because they didn't plan out this show well, we get the exact same clip as shown above a second time. Somehow I can't see Vince running the exact same clip twice in one show for no reason.)