TAPE 1264

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 101 min (DVD)

UWF TV - 6/20/87 (Still fairly early in the JCP-era of the UWF, this isn't bad. Still, you can see the influences - short squashes, interviews at ringside, etc. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Dick Murdoch vs Jeff Raitz (JIP - the broadcast starts with this match in-progress) Pez Whatley & the Enforcers vs Bobby Howell, Hank Wilburn & Ken Massey (WTF? Nobody wants to see this crap, not even the families of those involved) Chris Adams vs Mike Boyette Interview w/Chris Adams (Sting comes out, so Adams jumps in the ring and asks him whose side he's on - Adams' or Eddie Gilbert's. Gilbert & Rick Steiner come out to attack Adams but Sting helps him. This is Sting's face turn!) Bubba Rogers vs Craig Whitford Tony Schiavone interviewing Steve Williams at the gym (he's got a "broken forearm" but he's doing pec exercises where all the pressure is directly on his forearm. Yeah, that's realistic. The incredibly over-the-top push of Williams to the UWF title is in full force throughout this episode.) Sting vs Ron Ellis Chavo Guerrero vs Rick Steiner Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs Gary Young & Bob Bradley (We're promised at the top of the show that the Lightning Express will be defending the UWF tag titles. And they do - against Young & Bradley. Really? C'mon.) Terry Taylor announces he's signing with Eddie Gilbert Terry Taylor & Eddie Gilbert vs Steve Cox & Davey Haskins (Taylor refuses to break the figure-four so Chris Adams comes out, then we get Sting, Steiner, Murdoch, etc, run ins)
UWF TV - 7/25/87 (More of the same as above, only a much better episode. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Steve Williams vs Bubba Rogers, 7/11/87 (Finish only - Williams, in the least-surprising match result of all-time, wins the UWF World title in his adopted hometown of Norman, OK. Did anybody REALLY think he wouldn't win the title here after a massive push? Yeah, sure.) Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs Angel of Death & the Terminator, 6/25/87 (Only the post-match brawl is shown, with Tim Horner getting the claw from the Terminator) Freebirds vs Pez Whatley, Angel of Death & the Terminator, 6/24/87 (this time it's Hayes' turn to take the claw from the Terminator) Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs The Terminator & Gary Young (The Terminator loads up his glove for his claw but Terry Gordy runs in and KOs him instead, allowing Horner score a pin.) Ad for the Buzz & Brett Sawyer Wrestling School (Shown during the above match - when you know that Buzz ripped people off and was a lousy trainer, you have a whole different view of an ad like this.) Shane Douglas & Davey Haskins vs Bob Bradley & The Enforcer Steve Williams celebrating his UWF title win w/Dusty Rhodes, 7/11/87 Terry Gordy vs Black Bart (Taped Fist - This is really blood, for Bart anyway. Ends with a lame DQ finish though thanks to outside interference.) Dusty Rhodes, Sting & Chris Adams vs Eddie Gilbert, Rick Steiner & Angel of Death (Bunkhouse tag match - this is a bonus attraction, so no surprise when TV time runs out on it)