TAPE 1265

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 107 min (DVD)

UWF TV - 3/28/87 (Another tough-to-find complete episode of the UWF. Great stuff here, as always. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Skandor Akbar challenging Michael Hayes, PPW, 3/21/87 (brief clips) Gary Young vs Mike Boyette (Scary moment as Boyette gets legit KO'ed by an arm drag from Young. He lands directly on his head and is KO'ed instantly. Young sees it, quickly gets the pin, and leaves. They actually acknowledge the injury and show him being looked at by UWF officials - who do NOT try to move him - and you can later hear cheers as Boyette gets carried out.) Eddie Gilbert vs Savannah Jack, UWF TV, 3/21/87 (JIP - Iceman Parsons runs in and KOs Jack with ether so Gilbert wins the UWF TV title) Ken Mantell ordering Gilbert/Jack rematch (The UWF doesn't use video replays to overturn match results so he orders a rematch instead.) Steve Williams & Terry Gordy video "Over the Top" (they must have contracted out this video - it's way better and more polished than anything Joel Watts ever did) Skandor Akbar challenging Michael Hayes, PPW, 3/21/87 (Full version - Akbar says he's got a new protege and challenges Hayes to bring forth his protégé. Hayes quickly accepts on behalf of Angel of Death, leading to...) Angel of Death vs Super Ninja (No match - before the match can start, Angel of Death attacks Hayes from behind and Hayes gets destroyed by Devastation Inc.) Sam Houston vs The Red Shadow Chris Adams & Terry Taylor vs Angel of Death & Bill Irwin (They pull a rarity here and end the match during the commercial break. Then, instead of showing the finish as they promised, we get an angle instead as the Freebirds run in and attack Angel & Irwin. Way to screw your fans, Bill.)
UWF TV - 4/4/87 (More of the same as above. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Clip of "Badstreet" music video Re-cap of Chris Adams asking for more time for tag title defense (Terry Taylor is late arriving so Adams asks for their defense to be delayed. This is the start of Taylor's eventual heel turn.) 2-Ring Battle Royal from Houston (Finish Only - Chavo Guerrero & Gary Young are the last two left; Chavo offers to split the $$$ with Young but Young refuses. After Chavo pins him to win the money, Young turns heel by attacking Guerrero with a chair and stealing the $$$) Gary Young vs George Weingeroff (Weingeroff would go on to fight in Pancrase. WTF?) Chris Adams vs Sting & Iceman Parsons (Taylor doesn't show so Adams goes it alone. He gets pounded and the ref seems ready to stop the match when Taylor shows up in dress clothes and attacks Sting & Parsons with a metal suitcase to earn a DQ.) Video Feature: Catfights Video Feature: UWF Training Center Interview w/Terry Gordy (Gordy has "cut short his trip to Japan" to come back and beat up Devastation Inc and he's just not gonna rest until he does. He manhandles Bruce Prichard before finally leaving.) Ron Sexton vs Marcus Hawk (No match - Terry Gordy comes out and destroys both jobbers) Eddie Gilbert vs Savannah Jack (Iceman Parsons runs in and hangs Jack)