TAPE 1266

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 92 min (DVD)

UWF TV - 4/11/87 (Another complete episode of UWF TV. Great stuff! I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Clip of Gary Young turning on Chavo Guerrero Terry Taylor & Chris Adams vs Mike George & Mike Boyette (Adams works the entire match before KO'ing Boyette with a superkick. Taylor insists on getting tagged in, so he comes in and hits a kneedrop before scoring the pin. Again, more build to Taylor's heel turn...) Full recap of Gary Young turning on Chavo Guerrero Chavo Guerrero music video "Conga" Chavo Guerrero vs Super Ninja Interview w/Sam Houston Re: Wanting the UWF TV Title Interview w/Hot Stuff International (Eddie Gilbert wants to be accepted as a real TV champion so he issues a challenge to anyone who wants a title shot. Ken Mantell comes out and gets Gilbert to agree to defend against "anyone in the top 10" - and to let Mantell pick the challenger. So Mantell picks....Gilbert's stablemate Sting! Oh yeah, check out the turnbuckles behind Gilbert here - they've got NWA logos on them, despite neither Mid-South nor the UWF ever belonging to the NWA.) Steve Cox vs Red Shadow Terry Gordy destroying two jobbers, 4/4/87 Terry Gordy vs The Viking (Gordy gets his promised match vs "someone from Devastation" here. Watts & co. obviously put a lot of work into this clown's gimmick. His "Viking costume" consists of two pieces of LEOPARD-PRINT material sewn to regular black trunks. Looks even more lame than it sounds. Gordy completely squashes him here.) Eddie Gilbert vs Sting (Sting gets a big face pop when he comes out - but then walks out and takes a countout loss rather than facing his mentor.) Eddie Gilbert vs Sam Houston (Houston comes out and challenges Gilbert and scores the pin!) One Man Gang, Angel of Death & Bill Irwin vs Jeff Raitz, ??? & ???
UWF TV - 4/18/87 (Another full episode of UWF. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX)
Buzz Sawyer vs Ken Massey & Jeff Raitz One Man Gang vs Eddie Gilbert (No match - Gilbert's supposed to challenge for the UWF World title, much to the delight of Jim Ross who can't wait to see him destroyed, only he claims an "injury" that needs 24 hours to heal. Unfortunately, it's only been 22 hours so he's not cleared to wrestle. LOL at the 22 hours thing but terrible to screw the fans out of a world title match.) Steve Williams & Steve Cox vs Bill Irwin & Angel of Death (Gordy & Roberts come out and attack One Man Gang & Akbar at ringside, so we get a huge brawl) Chavo Guerrero vs Mike Boyette Chris Adams & Terry Taylor vs Sting & Iceman Parsons, UWF TV, 4/4/87 (JIP - Taylor's late so Adams flies solo until Terry comes in with a metal suitcase for the DQ) Sunshine ragging on other valets (Missy Hyatt comes out to agree with her, then Baby Doll comes out to confront them. Sunshine KOs Baby Doll with Hyatt's purse who then runs off when Dark Journey comes out.) Savannah Jack vs Gary Young (Steiner, Sting, Gilbert & Iceman all run in and handcuff Jack and whip him with a belt. And they REALLY lay into him.) One Man Gang vs Buzz Sawyer (To make up for the screwjob of the world title match above, Skandor Akbar has promised to have OMG defend against anybody Dark Journey can find. When she comes out with Sawyer, however, Akbar says he's not a valid contender and not in the top 10 so we get screwed out of a match again. Way to hate your fans, Bill. I can hardly imagine why you'd be out of the business in less than a month.)