TAPE 1268

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 101 min (DVD)

UWF TV - 7/25/87 (Another rare episode of UWF TV from after the JCP buyout. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Steve Williams vs Bubba Rogers, 7/11/87 (Finish only - Williams, in the least-surprising match result of all-time, wins the UWF World title in his adopted hometown of Norman, OK. Did anybody REALLY think he wouldn't win the title here after a massive push? Yeah, sure.) Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs Angel of Death & the Terminator, 6/25/87 (Only the post-match brawl is shown, with Tim Horner getting the claw from the Terminator) Freebirds vs Pez Whatley, Angel of Death & the Terminator, 6/24/87 (this time it's Hayes' turn to take the claw from the Terminator) Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs The Terminator & Gary Young (The Terminator loads up his glove for his claw but Terry Gordy runs in and KOs him instead, allowing Horner score a pin.) Ad for the Buzz & Brett Sawyer Wrestling School (Shown during the above match - when you know that Buzz ripped people off and was a lousy trainer, you have a whole different view of an ad like this.) Shane Douglas & Davey Haskins vs Bob Bradley & The Enforcer Steve Williams celebrating his UWF title win w/Dusty Rhodes, 7/11/87 Terry Gordy vs Black Bart (Taped Fist - This is really blood, for Bart anyway. Ends with a lame DQ finish though thanks to outside interference.) Dusty Rhodes, Sting & Chris Adams vs Eddie Gilbert, Rick Steiner & Angel of Death (Bunkhouse tag match - this is a bonus attraction, so no surprise when TV time runs out on it)
UWF TV - 8/1/87 (More from the post-Watts era of the UWF. This one features the famous Murdoch/Windham match. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Opening of show (mentioned only because they misspells John Ayers' name as 'Ayres') Recap of the Taylor/Adams Feud BARRY WINDHAM VS DICK MURDOCH (Famous match that lasts the entire episode. Not the all-time classic I'd been told but very good. The real star here is Terry Taylor on commentary - he is absolutely BRILLIANT.)