TAPE 1269

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 92 min (DVD)

UWF TV - 8/29/87 (Another rare episode of UWF TV from after the JCP buyout. This one is ever-so slightly clipped, missing maybe 2 minutes, tops. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Gary Young attacking Steve Cox in drag, 8/3/87 (JIP) Sting vs Enforcer, New Orleans, 8/1/87 Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs Bob Bradley & Gary Young, 5/31/87 (Finish) Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs Steve Cox & Davey Haskins, 6/11/87 (Finish) Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs Gary Young & The Enforcer, 7/1/87 (Finish) Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs Gary Young & The Terminator, 7/11/87 (Finish - way to put an awesome tag title match on the Bash show where Doc wins the UWF title, guys) Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs Bubba Rogers & Black Bart, 8/3/87 (Finish) Steve Cox Challenging Gary Young, New Orleans, 8/1/87 Midnight Express vs vs Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner, New Orleans, 8/1/87 (Good match that sees the MX appear to win the UWF tag titles after Terry Taylor KOs Armstrong with Cornette's racket, only to have the decision overturned) Dusty Rhodes & Steve Williams vs Eddie Gilbert & Dick Murdoch, New Orleans, 8/1/87 (Bullrope - They do the typical "we're out of time" thing here but actually show several minutes first)
UWF TV - 9/5/87 (Another episode from late in the UWF life cycle. This one was taped at the LA Forum. I've got a master convert, VQ is EX.)
Terry Taylor attacking Sting, 8/3/87 Buddy Roberts vs Samoan Tao Video Re-Cap: the Terminator from Devastation Inc putting the claw on all three Freebirds Interview w/Ric Flair, Worldwide, 8/87 Sting vs Eddie Gilbert, 8/3/87 (No match - full angle from above attack - Terry Taylor attacks Sting before the match, resulting in a LOT of blood. Sting can't continue but the ref decides there WILL be a TV title match so we get...) Eddie Gilbert vs Shane Douglas, 8/3/87 (Sting pulls off a miraculous recovery and lays out Gilbert. Shane Douglas wins the UWF TV title.) Interview w/Ronnie Garvin, 8/87 Terry Taylor attacking Chris Adams, UWF, 8/8/87 Ron Simmons vs Samoan Coquine Steve Cox Rookie of the Year Trophy Presentation, 8/3/87 (An angle from a trophy presentation? HOW ORIGINAL. Man, that's never been done before! Gary Young comes out in drag and attacks Cox. No idea why, maybe it's Cox's manly-sounding last name.) Rock & Roll Express vs Big Bubba Rogers & Black Bart (The Terminator runs in and attacks and the Freebirds, of all people, make the save.)