TAPE 1270

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 1 hr (DVD)

PANCRASE "EYES OF BEAST" - 6/13/95 (Half-way decent show from Pancrase. This is converted from a comm. master so VQ is EX.)
Takafumi Ito vs Osami Shibuya (Clipped) Manabu Yamada vs Vernon White (Clipped) Toon Stelling vs Katsuomi Inagaki (Clipped - Crazy, Stelling TWICE gouges Inagaki's eyes and another time his ear. WTF?) Masa Funaki vs Gregory Smit Bas Rutten vs Jason DeLucia Frank Shamrock vs Yusuke Fuke (Clipped) Minoru Suzuki vs Larry Papadopoulos (Fresh off his worked title win over Ken Shamrock, Suzuki here defends the King of Pancrase title against a guy who was 1-2 coming into the fight. Nothing like feeding a guy a jobber to make his title somehow seem legit, LOL.)