TAPE 1286

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 5.4 hrs (3 DVD)

SENGOKU 14 - 8/22/10 (Finally! The really good Sengoku show you've been waiting for has arrived. Lots of action and competitive matches on this one, highlighted by a FABULOUS main event. The only drawback is that it's sort of "groin shotopalooza" with at least 8 separate ones during the show. I've got a master of the HDNet version so VQ is EX)
Jae Hyun So vs Hirokazu Nishimura Tatsuya So vs Wataru Takahishi Shoko Sato vs Takuya Eizumi Kil Woo Lee vs Shintaro Ishiwatari Takuta Sato vs Motoki Miyazawa Yasubey Enomoto vs Kenta Takagi Nick Thompson vs Taisuke Okuno Leonardo Santos vs Satoro Yamada (Yamada finally gets DQ'ed after he drills Santos FOUR TIMES with groin shots, the last of which is just a full-on knee right between the goal posts, not even close to accidental.) Jeff Lawson vs Hatsu Hioki Jadamba Narantungulag vs Akihiro Gono KAZUO MISAKI VS JORGE SANTIAGO (Fight of the year? Maybe so. Great fight that could easily have been ended a couple times before the incredibly dramatic finish that sees Misaki's corner throw in the towel just 30 SECONDS BEFORE THE END OF THE FIGHT even though he's winning. He wasn't even being heavily pounded at the time as Santiago had gassed and was barely making contact. Great fight.)