TAPE 1288

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 110 min(DVD)

ALL JAPAN CLASSICS #7 (Another of the Samurai Classics shows. Nothing all that great on here but fun anyway. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Jumbo Tsuruta vs Mickey Doyle, 11/24/73 (Total throwaway space-filler here) Abdullah the Butcher vs The Destroyer, 4/27/74 (2 Refs - goes to a double-DQ anyway) Jumbo Tsuruta vs Dory Funk, 8/29/74 (2/3 Falls - I'm sorry, Dory just was NOT good)
ALL JAPAN CLASSICS #8 (more of the same as above)
Gorilla Monsoon vs Anton Geesink, 6/13/74 (Judo Jacket match - why the heck did Gorilla do these? It makes no sense. Meanwhile, Geesink was a legit judo legend.) Jumbo Tsuruta & The Detroyer vs Kevin Sullivan & Johnny Rodz, 6/13/74 (2/3 Falls - How about that Sullivan/Rodz team, eh?) Giant Baba vs Pedrom Morales, 6/13/74 (2/3 Falls - This is like punishment for the discerning pro wrestling fan. Good grief. Pedro scores a clean pinfall in the 2nd fall.)