TAPE 1290

Quality: EX (Master Convert - See Below)

Length: 100 min (DVD)

MID-SOUTH TV - 1/4/86 (Super-rare, complete episode from the start of 1986. Great stuff! I've got a master convert, VQ is EX. However, the local promos sometimes have a line through the picture. That's how they were broadcast, it's NOT from this copy deteriorating.)
Steve Williams vs Dick Slater Butch Reed vs Mike Scott Bruise Brothers vs Eddie Gilbert & The Nightmare Jake Roberts vs Buzz Sawyer Lord Humongous vs Perry Jackson Al Perez & Ricky Gibson vs Rick Steiner & Ricky Starr (Rumor is that Perez was asked to change his name to "Ricardo" for this match. :) ) Joel Watts Slo-Mo Video (The second of Watts' videos showing bumps in slow-motion so you can see how devastating Mid-South wrestling is.)
MID-SOUTH TV - 1/11/86 (More of the same as above, including identical problems with local promos)
Dick Slater vs Hacksaw Duggan, Oklahoma City (JIP - Slater scores the DQ win after a pinfall decision is reversed) Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams vs JR Hogg & Sean O'Reilly (Before the match, Doc & Ted are interviewed and they talk about Doc legit rescuing a motorist who'd crashed by pulling the car door off its hinges) Buzz Sawyer vs Perry Jackson Dick Murdoch & Masked Superstar vs Tommy Wright & Steve Doll Terry Taylor vs The Nightmare (6 months earlier, the Nightmare was cleanly pinning US champ Magnum TA on TV. Now he's jobbing on TV in 2 minutes.) Dick Slater vs Butch Reed (North American Title vs 30 days w/Dark Journey - Slater wins North American title) Al Perez & Brett Sawyer vs Joe Malcolm & Gustavo Mendoza