TAPE 1291

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 110 min (DVD)

ALL JAPAN CLASSICS #9 (Another of the Samurai Classics shows. I've got a master convert, so VQ is EX.)
Anton Geesink vs Chavo Guerrero, 7/19/75 (wow, talk about your random matchups...) Jumbo Tsuruta vs Fritz Von Erich, 7/19/75 (2/3 Falls - Brilliant execution of a very simple angle. Fritz comes to the ring and he's hot about an upcoming match with Giant Baba, who is doing commentary. They have a confrontation and slap each other, leaving Fritz pissed off. The bell rings and he's so upset that Jumbo is able to jump him and pin him clean in less than 30 seconds! Fritz then spends the next 2 falls putting the claw on Jumbo - over and over and over and over and over - rendering him a bloody mess until he can't continue. And so the stage is set for Fritz/Baba...) Bruno Sammartino & Cyclon Negro vs Giant Baba & Anton Geesink, 11/24/73 (2/3 Falls)
ALL JAPAN CLASSICS #10 (More of the same as above)
Giant Baba vs Jack Brisco, 12/2/74 (2/3 Falls - I've said it a million times before but Giant Baba is just horrible. Everything he does is sloppily done, on top of his natural awkwardness. Jack could carry me to **1/2 but he struggles mightily here with Baba. Ugh. Baba wins NWA World title.) Giant Baba vs Fritz Von Erich, 7/25/75 (The payoff from the match in episode #9. Fritz bleeds a lot.)