TAPE 1293

Quality: EX

Length: 98 min (DVD)

MID-SOUTH TV - 2/1/86 (Tough-to-find episode from early 1986. This is taken from the 48-disc Houston set. Quality is EX.)
Jake Roberts DDT'ing Dark Journey, Mid-South TV, 1/25/86 Jake Roberts vs Dick Slater, Houston, 1/31/86 (No DQ - Jake appears to win the North American title as he pins Slater in the middle of the ring and is awarded the title. However, the change was never acknowledged anywhere other than Houston and they ended up holding up the title in Houston. Have absolutely no idea why they would - there's nothing fishy about the finish, everything looks completely normal.) Al Perez Video "Winning" Al Perez/Buzz Sawyer Confrontation (Sawyer rips on Perez for not actually being from Tampa. REALLY?! This is the start of a feud?!?) Bruise Brothers vs Joe Malcolm & JR Hogg Terry Taylor vs Sean O'Reilly Fabulous Ones vs Brett Sawyer & Ricky Gibson Masked Superstar vs Steve Doll Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams vs Rick Steiner & Gustavo Mendoza (Before the match, the Fabulous Ones come out and talk some trash to Dibiase & Williams) Hacksaw Duggan video "South's Gonna Do it Again"
MID-SOUTH TV - 2/8/86 (Incomplete episode of Mid-South. Unfortunately, what's missing is the main event. When they ran this on Houston TV, they substituted an arena 6-man tag instead of the 6-man tag that was part of the show. Quality is EX.)
Taras Bulba vs Perry Jackson (After the match, Sir Oliver Humperdink goes off about his plan to take over Mid-South. While he's doing that, though, Bulba & Eddie Gilbert turn on him. Gilbert then gets on the microphone and yells about how he's been waiting a year to get revenge on Humperdink. Beautiful!) Dick Slater vs Ricky Gibson Buzz Sawyer vs Al Perez (No match - Perez is a no-show or something so, instead, Hacksaw Duggan returns to Mid-South and runs off Sawyer) Koko B Ware vs Joe Malcolm Sheepherders vs Brett Sawyer & Steve Doll Jake Roberts vs Gustavo Mendoza (They make a big deal that Jake is defending the TV title here. C'mon, guys, really?)