TAPE 1295

Quality: Varies (See Below)

Length: 101 min (DVD)

MID-SOUTH TV - 2/15/86 (Another hard-to-find episode of Mid-South, also pulled from the Houston 48-disc set. Quality on this one is EX.)
Hacksaw Duggan returning to Mid-South, Mid-South TV, 2/8/86 Koko B Ware Video "The Bird" (from Memphis) Koko B Ware vs Rick Steiner Sheepherders vs Ricky Gibson & Perry Jackson Eddie Gilbert & Taras Bulba turning on Sir Oliver Humperdink, Mid-South TV, 2/8/86 Taras Bulba vs Steve Doll (Hard to believe Bulba actually got a clean pinfall over Kerry Von Erich in WCCW - this guy was not top-flight material) Jake Roberts vs Joe Malcolm (Before the match, Dick Slater comes out and challenges Roberts to a title vs title match with Dark Journey also on the line. They argue and then Terry Taylor comes out and tells them their feud is tying up both titles and lays out a challenge to both guys. Very well done!) Masked Superstar vs Brett Sawyer Terry Taylor vs Gustavo Mendoza Terry Taylor video "When the Going Gets Tough"
MID-SOUTH TV - 2/22/86 (Another tough episode of Mid-South. This one is converted from a master and is not from the Houston set. Quality is EX.)
Eddie Gilbert announcing his "retirement" Sheepherders vs Al Perez & Ricky Gibson (remember that brief push Perez was going to get by being in a feud with Buzz Sawyer? Yeah, that's over now.) Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams vs Dick Murdoch & Masked Superstar (Masked Superstar II makes his debut by running in) Koko B Ware vs Sean O'Reilly Kortsia Korchenko vs Perry Jackson (Korchenko's debut - between this guy, and that choad Taras Bulba, Gilbert's retirement to be a full-time manager is off to a screeching halt of a start, that's for sure) Brett Sawyer & David Peterson vs Rick Steiner & Mike Scott (The graphic before the match lists the one team as "Scott & Ricksteiner" since Rick was still going by Rob Ricksteiner here. Just kinda funny that his partner's last name is his brother's first name.) Hacksaw Duggan vs Gustavo Mendoza Rock & Roll Express vs Fabulous Ones (TV time runs out - thank god we were able to fit in that Duggan/Mendoza match though!)