TAPE 1299

Quality: EX (Master Convert - See Below)

Length: 90 min

UWF TV - 4/19/86 (Another great early episode of the UWF. I've got a master convert on this so VQ is EX. However, the picture has a scan lines look to it which detracts from the overall quality. Still very sharp and clear, however.)
Terry Taylor vs Jack Victory, UWF TV, 4/12/86 (Clip - Lady Maxine costs Taylor a win) Brett Sawyer vs Gustavo Mendoza (Brett sure got a lot of TV time for a guy going nowhere in the UWF) Kamala vs Ricky Gibson Eddie Gilbert vs Koko B Ware, UWF TV, 4/12/86 (JIP - Korchenko & Doc run in) Lunch w/Eddie Gilbert & Kortsia Korchenko (They go to a fast good place because that's all Korchenko likes, LOL) Kortsia Korchenk vs Perry Jackson (they bury Jackson under a Soviet flag - pretty sure this is the first time they did this) Koko B Ware vs Rick Steiner (Before the match, Steve Williams comes out and challenges Buzz Sawyer for the TV title) Fantastics & Terry Taylor vs Sheepherders & Jack Victory (TV Time runs out)
UWF TV - 4/26/86 (Another great episode of UWF TV. I've got a master convert, quality is EX)
David Peterson vs Gustavo Mendoza Fantastics vs Sheepherders, 4/19/86 (Last couple min from the Crockett Cup '86. Wild, bloody match. Wish they'd shown the whole thing.) Buzz Sawyer vs Tracy Smothers Kamala Highlights (includes clips of Kamala pinning Billy Jack & Kerry Von Erich) Kamala vs Hacksaw Duggan, Jackson (MS), 5/4/85 (Skandor Akbar fireballs Duggan) Kamala vs Perry Jackson Steve Williams vs Jack Victory (Lady Maxine interferes again and Victory scores another win, just like against Terry Taylor) Hacksaw Duggan vs Dick Slater (See ya later, Dick Slater!)