TAPE 1300

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 110 min (DVD)

ALL JAPAN CLASSICS 15 (Another of the Samurai shows. I've got a master convert, VQ is EX.)
Abdullah the Butcher vs Kintaro Ohki, 5/1/76 (Harley Races comes out and makes the save and brawls with Abdullah) Jumbo Tsuruta vs Giant Baba, 5/1/76 Abdullah the Butcher vs Harley Race, 5/13/76 (Wild match that sees Abdullah kick the ref and Harley use a crutch along with Baba & Jumbo running in) Giant Baba & Jumbo Tsuruta vs Kintaro Ohki & ???, 5/13/76 (2/3 Falls)
ALL JAPAN CLASSICS 16 (More of the same. I've got a master convert, VQ is EX)
Mr. Wrestling vs Mighty Inoue, 12/6/75 Giant Baba vs Baron Von Raschke, 12/6/75 (I swear, officer, I'll confess to anything you want, just don't make me watch this match anymore! What could be better than 15 minutes of Baron Von Raschke stomach claws, Giant Baba snapmares and Giant Baba sloppy restholds?!?!?) Abdullah the Butcher vs Dory Funk, 12/6/75 Jumbo Tsuruta vs Horst Hoffman, 12/9/75