TAPE 1303

Quality: EX (See Below)

Length: 90 min (DVD)

UWF TV - 6/7/86 (Hard-to-find episode of UWF TV here. This is actually from the Houston 48-disc set. Quality on this is EX but with a very minor tracking flaw at the bottom that comes and goes.)
Dark Journey slapping Michael Hayes, UWF TV, 5/31/86 Kamala vs Mike Reed Recap of the Watts/Russians Feud (clip shown of Watts buried under Soviet flag) Bill Watts promo from his house Ivan & Nikita Koloff & Kortsia Korchenko vs Jeff Gaylord, Ken Massey & Perry Jackson Freebirds video "Can't Stop Rockin'") (Made up of only WCCW footage) Brett Sawyer vs Jack Victory (Good match that ends when Dark Journey comes out to brawl with Lady Maxine) North American Title Retirement Ceremony, Houston, 5/30/86 Steve Williams vs Terry Gordy, Houston, 5/30/86 (Finish Only) Ted Dibiase vs Terry Gordy, Houston, 5/30/86 (Finish Only) Hacksaw Duggan vs Kamala, Houston, 5/30/86 (Finish Only - Before the match, Skandor Akbar offers Ted Dibiase $25,000 to join Devastation Inc. Dibiase appears to turn heel when he gets Akbar to up his offer to $50,000. Later in the match, though, he double-crosses Akbar and helps Duggan score the win) Hacksaw Duggan vs Terry Gordy, Houston, 5/30/86 (Highlights - UWF title finals - Before the match, One Man Gang attacks Duggan and legit busts him open by ramming his head into an exposed bolt on the ringpost. Duggan bravely - maybe stupidly - continues with the match but can't overcome the odds and gets beaten. Gordy wins UWF title.) Buzz Sawyer vs Terry Taylor (Taylor wins the UWF TV title as they tease a "we're running out of time!" finish)
UWF TV - 6/14/86 (Another great episode of UWF TV pulled from the Houston 48-disc set. Quality is EX but with some minor tracking flaws.)
Jack Victory & Lady Maxine beating up Dark Journey, UWF TV, 5/24/86 Terry Taylor vs Buzz Sawyer, UWF TV, 6/7/86 (Finish - Taylor wins UWF TV title) Steve Williams vs The Shadow Tommy Gilbert Statement Re: Eddie Gilbert/Bill Watts Situation (Tommy offers to resign but Watts refuses the resignation.) Bill Watts Statement Re: Tommy Gilbert's Statement Blade Runners & Kortsia Korchenko vs Brett Sawyer, Jeff Gaylor & Perry Jackson Recap of Terry Gordy, UWF Champ (Clip from All Japan is shown but labeled as being from "New Japan".) Ted Dibiase vs Buzz Sawyer (Before the match, Dibiase issues a challenge to Michael Hayes who is doing commentary, calling him "Prissy Sissy") Announcement of UWF Trivia Contest Winner (She gets Bill Watts' old North American title belt. This was legit - they actually showed her on TV a couple weeks later with the belt.) Fantastics vs Sheepherders (Another wild brawl between these two teams. Great stuff. The Sheeps appear to win the UWF tag titles but, in a move that goes against everything Bill Watts ever said about refs' decisions, Tommy Gilbert comes out and cements his status as "Not Eddie" by getting the decision reversed and the titles returned.)