TAPE 1304

Quality: EX (Master Convert - See Below)

Length: 82 min (DVD)

UWF TV - 11/29/86 (not a particularly great episode of UWF but not bad either. Lots of hot recaps from other programs though. I've got a master convert, quality is EX, but with sorta-low audio. The Barnett master version is better VQ.)
Hacksaw Duggan & Terry Taylor vs Art Crews & Gustavo Mendoza Fantastics vs Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts, UWF, 11/22/86 (Hayes & Roberts jump the Fants before the match and destroy them, for which they get fined) Savannah Jack vs The Libyan Video Report: UWF Donats to Arkansas Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Chavo Guerrero vs John Tatum Rick Steiner vs Ken Massey (Supposed to be Eddie Gilbert instead of Rick Steiner but Gilbert is "blind" from an attack by Dark Journey and Missing Link) Steve Williams vs Sting (PWI Tournament) One Man Gang vs Ted Dibiase, PPW, 11/22/86 (JIP - Famous clean pinfall job by Dibiase) One Man Gang vs Jeff Gaylord (PWI Tournament) Bill Irwin vs Gary Young
UWF TV - 12/6/86 (Another pretty-good-but-not-great episode of UWF TV. I've got a master convert, VQ is EX.)
Fantastics vs Art Crews & Gustavo Mendoza (John Tatum & Jack Victory run in afterward and attack the Fantastics.) Missing Link vs Rick Steiner (Eddie Gilbert attacks Link with a chair) Savannah Jack vs Angel of Death Michael Hayes vs Gary Young (Before the match, Sunshine slaps Gary Young) Bill Irwin & Leroy Brown vs Jeff Gaylor & Ken Massey John Tatum & Jack Victory vs Iceman Parsons & Chavo Guerrero