TAPE 1307

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 5.4 hrs (3 DVD)

DREAM 16 - 9/25/10 (Great show! Dream gets back on-track with an action-packed show. Even the decision matches have lots of action. I've got a master of the HDNet version, VQ is EX)
James Thompson vs Yusuke Kawaguchi Mitsuhiro Ishida vs Akiyo Nishiura Kazayuki Miyata vs Lion Takeshi (Miyata hits 2 GREAT belly-to-back suplexes here. During the previous match, Trigg & Schiavello on commentary were begging for suplexes and they get them here. Worth saying that the commentary on this show is great - much better than normal.) Hideo Tokoro vs Joachim Hansen Michihiro Omigawa vs Cole Escovedo Hiroyuki Takaya vs Chase Beebe Ikuhisa Minowa vs Satoshi Ishii (Minowa is finally paired with somebody who isn't just a lot bigger but someone who is also skilled. He gets dominated and loses.) Shinya Aoki vs Marcus Aurelio (hate fights like this where one guy doesn't even try to finish the fight) Kazushi Sakuraba vs Jason Miller (Sakuraba taps! Man, I hope he retires...) Gegard Mousasi vs Tatsuya Mizuno (Mousasi wins Dream Light Heavyweight title)