TAPE 1309

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 101 min

RINGS FREE FIGHT 1 - 2/19/95 (Fairly rare nearly-all-shoot show from RINGS held in Holland. I've got a DVD master of the show, VQ is EX. NOTE: THIS DISC IS PAL FORMAT!)
Hans Nyman vs Andre Kopylev (How serious did these early fighters take their MMA? Kopylev WORE HIS WEDDING RING INTO THE RING FOR THIS FIGHT. WTF? For bare-fisted fights? How the hell does the ref not make him take it off?) Piet Bernzen vs Ronnie Rivano Masayuki Naruse vs Willie Peeters (Peeters hits a beautiful belly-to-belly suplex) Yoshihisa Yamamoto vs Ruud Ewolt Mitsuyta Nagai vs Dick Vrij (Vrij KOs Nagai very quickly when Nagai fails to respond to the 10-count. He then argues so they restart the fight and then Vrij just pounds on him for several minutes. This is what pro wrestling squashes look like in MMA form.) Akira Maeda vs Chris Dolman (This match is worked) David Levicki vs Herman Renting John Ouwerkerk vs Joop Van De Ven (Ouwerkerk taps to a frigging half boston crab. Good grief man, have some pride!)