TAPE 1311

Quality: EX

Length: 50 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING - 12/28/85 (Fairly rare episode Power Pro here. Some good stuff with a bit of a goofy mix of old Mid-South and footage from other feds. Quality on this is EX, maybe VG/EX.)
Recap of the Dibiase/Murdoch/Flair situation Sheepherders Video "We Will Rock You" (Footage appears to be from Southwest) Terry Taylor vs Khrusher Khruschev, Mid-South TV, 7/28/84 (Steve Williams interferes and runs Taylor's head into the ringpost. Or, rather, he tries to. They blow the spot and it ends up looking terrible.) Masked Superstar vs Tom Zenk, AWA, 1985 (from Pro Wrestling USA) Dick Murdoch vs Kim Duk, Mid-South TV, 5/15/82 (During the match, they talk about Steve Williams training so he can turn pro) BRAD ARMSTRONG VS TED DIBIASE, MID-SOUTH TV, 1/19/85 (Dibiase wins North American title) Terry Taylor Video "Freeze Frame"