TAPE 1314

Quality: VG

Length: 3.3 hrs (2 DVD)

MEMPHIS ARENA MATCHES (Not sure the exact source of these matches - possibly from the Memphis show that showed only arena matches. Could also just be cut out from the regular Memphis TV show. Some great footage here, that's for sure - all from the Mid-South Coliseum. Quality is pretty much VG.)
Fabulous Ones vs Bobby Eaton & Duke Myers, 5/16/83 (Titles vs Cornette's Hair - Eaton & Myers win the Southern Tag titles. The match is initially stopped because of Myers' bleeding - he bleeds buckets - but they restart it when Cornette begs and they end up winning the titles.) Jerry Lawler vs Crusher Blackwell, 5/4/81 (Clipped) Bill Dundee vs Bobby Eaton, 8/9/82 (Clipped) Jerry Lawler & Koko B Ware vs Bobby Eaton & Sabu, 1/17/83 (Wild match where Lawler & Koko just destroy their opponents with tables, chairts, you name it.) Bill Dundee vs Koko B Ware, 6/21/82 (Scaffold - 2/3 Falls - yes, a 2/3 falls scaffold match) Rock & Roll Express vs Grapplers, 6/20/83 (Texas Death Match) Grapplers vs Dutch Mantel & Koko B Ware, 9/19/83 (No DQ - Ware uses a chain and he & Dutch win the Southern tag titles) Dutch Mantel vs Bill Dundee, 5/16/83 (Scaffold - Dundee wins the Southern title by whipping Mantel with his own whip to make him fall) Nick Bockwinkel vs Jerry Lawler, 12/27/82 (Lawler appears to win the AWA World title after he pins Bock, who had his feet on the ropes. After the match, Bockwinkel argues with Lance Russell who turns in an embarrassing performance by claiming that Bockwinkel was beaten fair and square "right in the middle of the ring". That's just a complete lie from a guy who was supposed to be credible.) Fabulous Ones vs Dennis Condrey & Norvell Austin, 11/14/83 (The ORIGINAL Midnight Express win the CWA tag titles. I don't understand this one at all - the Fabs appear to be in position for a win when Cornette comes into the ring and interferes right in front of the ref, helping his guys win. No idea what this was all about.) Rock & Roll Express vs Bruise Brothers, 4/25/83 (The R&R job cleanly here - give Jerry Lawler credit, he wasn't afraid to have babyfaces - including himself - lose clean) Dutch Mantel vs Jesse Barr, 1/30/83 (Occasional video problems here) Marauders, Jesse Barr & The Angel vs Dutch Mantel, Bobby Fulton, King Cobra & Phil Rougeau, 1/30/83 (Occasional video problems here - no idea who Phil Rougeau is here. Can't find a record of him anywhere else and it's definitely not one of the "known" Rougeaus.) Terry Taylor vs Jacques Rougeau, 1/30/83 (Rougeau wins the Southern title with a 100% clean win here. He also BLASTS Taylor with a dropkick.)