TAPE 1316

Quality: EX

Length: 91 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING - 1/4/86 (Quality on this is EX.)
Hacksaw Duggan vs Dick Slater, Oklahoma City, 12/85 (JIP - From the TV title tourney - Slater gets a DQ win after Duggan's pinfall is overturned) Masked Superstar & Mr. Saito vs Steve O & Jerry Monty, AWA, 1985 Terry Taylor vs Chris Adams, 1985 (Not sure where/when this is from) Ric Flair & Dick Slater vs Butch Reed & Jake Roberts, Tulsa, 1985 (Jake gets a clean pinfall on Flair here) Brett Sawyer vs Joe Malcolm, Oklahoma City, 1985
POWER PRO WRESTLING - 1/11/86 (Rare episode of Power Pro from early 1986. Quality on this is EX, maybe even a master convert)
This Week in Mid-South Masked Superstar vs Steve Doll, Oklahoma City, 1985 Pez Whatley vs Mike Allen, CWF, 1/85 Fabulous Ones vs Jerry Garman & Benny Traylor, Memphis, 1984? Dick Murdoch vs The Nightmare, Oklahoma, 7/85 (Approximate date - Murdoch turns Eddie Gilbert's cane against him and whacks him with it but misses his intended target and hits Eddie across the ear. OUCH.) Terry Taylor vs Kamala, Oklahoma City, 4/85 (JIP - No DQ - Akbar hits Kamala by mistake so Kamala sort-of turns face by hitting Akbar back) Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams vs Al Perez & Wendel Cooley, Oklahoma City, 10/85