TAPE 1317

Quality: Varies

Length: 94 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING - 1/18/86 (More of the same great, rare PPW action as above. VQ is EX)
This Week in Mid-South (Clip of Jake the Snake winning TV title is shown) Dick Slater vs Steve Doll, Mid-South TV, 10/31/85 (Butch Reed comes out and Dark Journey slaps him) Fabulous Ones vs Bill Rose & The Spoiler, Memphis, ??? Buzz Sawyer vs Bob Sweetan, Mid-South TV, 1985 Hacksaw Duggan & Steve Williams vs King Kong Bundy & One Man Gang, Houston, 9/23/83 (Joel Watts does commentary here and he is simply brilliant as he covers up for blown spots in a perfect kayfabe way) Bill Watts meeting with Congressman Jim Jones
POWER PRO WRESTLING - 1/25/86 (Tough-to-find episode of this great show. Quality on this is GD/VG, watchable but definitely not great.)
Buzz Sawyer vs Butch Reed, Oklahoma City, 12/85 (Dog Collar - Sawyer gets the win by attaching his color to the bottom rope and giving Reed a bulldog.) Dick Slater vs Jake Roberts, 1/1/86 (TV title finals - Roberts wins Mid-South TV title) Buzz Sawyer vs Steve Doll, Mid-South TV, 1/18/86 (Butch Reed runs in to make a save but he gets attacked and brainbustered on the floor by Dick Murdoch. This supposedly took place the day after the above dog collar match.) Terry Taylor vs Humongous, Mid-South TV, 1/18/86 (former monster Humongous now jobbing...) Ted Dibiase vs Gustavo Mendoza, Mid-South TV, 1/18/86 (Murdoch & Superstar attack Dibiase) Rock & Roll Express video "Rock N Roll All Night"