TAPE 1319

Quality: GD/VG

Length: 89 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING - 2/1/86 (Super-rare episode, GD/VG quality)
This Week in Mid-South Koko B Ware video "The Bird" Promos for the 2/15/86 house show (they mention the North American title has been held up; for years, I'd always heard the N.A. title being held up was a Houston-only thing. Not so!) Rock & Roll Express vs Midnight Express, Oklahoma City, 6/30/85 Sheepherders vs Hurricane Castillo & Jorge Clemente, WWC, 1985 Hacksaw Duggan vs Iron Mike Sharpe, Houston, 2/25/83 (JIP - Weird - Duggan is the heel and Sharpe is the face! No forearm brace for Sharpe either.) Terry Taylor vs Barry Orton, Mid-South TV, 6/16/84 Terry Taylor video "(When the Going Gets Tough) The Tought Get Going"
POWER PRO WRESTLING - 2/8/86 (Super-tough episode of this show. Quality is GD/VG, not great, but certainly watchable.)
Terry Taylor vs The Shadow, Mid-South TV, 5/19/84 Hacksaw Duggan vs Humongous, Mid-South TV, 12/85 (TV title tournament) Fantastics vs Dick Slater & Buzz Sawyer, Oklahoma City, 10/85 Jake Roberts vs Brad Armstrong, Mid-South TV, 5/4/85 (TV title tourney - Jake gets the clean win here) Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams vs Steve Casey & Ken Glover, Mid-South TV, 5/11/85 Rick Steiner vs Jimmy Backlund, Mid-South TV, 1985/86 (possibly a PPW-exclusive)