TAPE 1323

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 94 min (DVD)

RINGS FREE FIGHT 4 - 2/2/97 (Best of the first few Free Fight shows, this is another all-shoot show from Holland. Lots of action here. And Bas Rutten on commentary! I've got a PAL format master, VQ is EX.)
Ron Van Gellekom vs John Van Wanrooy Gilbert Yvel vs Rob Van Leeuwen Hans Nyman vs Lee Hasdell (Hasdell gets screwed here - he does a rope escape, the ref misses it, and he ends up having to tap) Yuri Bekichev vs Peter Dijkmann Sergei Sousserov vs Willie Peeters Masayuki Naruse vs Valentijn Overeem Mitsuya Nagai vs Joop Kasteel Kiyoshi Tamura vs Andre Mannaert Toon Stelling vs Bob Schrijber Dennis Krauweel vs Rob Van Esdonk (Kickboxing) Pedro Palm vs Dick Vrij (Vrij KOs Palm then, for no apparent reason, blasts him in the head with a kick and gets himself DQ'ed, forcing a no-contest. WTF?)