TAPE 1324

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 91 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING - 3/15/86 (Last Power Pro under the Mid-South banner! Some good stuff here, too. I've got a master convert, VQ is EX but audio is a tad low)
Kortsia Korchenko vs Perry Jackson, Oklahoma City, 2/11/86 Road Warriors vs Ron Rossi & Tony Zane, NWA Worldwide, 3/1/86 Koko B Ware vs Rick Steiner, Oklahoma City, 2/11/86 (That date is a guess) Blade Runners vs Brett Sawyer & Sean O'Reilly, Oklahoma City, 2/86 (Sting is still called "Flash" here. Also, Joel Watts says Ultimate Warrior "is a bit deranged; could be the steroid effect.") Chavo Guerrero v Steve Keirn, Houston, 1/31/86 (Loser Gets Painted Yellow - Keirn gets absolutely squashed hero, showing literally zero offense. Stan Lane runs in, however, and the Fabs end up painting Chavo instead of the other way around. Chavo makes his comeback and ends up just FLINGING the paint toward the Fabs. I can only imagine how many folks at ringside got splattered with the paint.) Midnight Express Celebrating Mid-South Tag Title Victory, Mid-South TV, 3/17/84 (This is the famous, and hilarious, segment where the Rock & Roll Express smash Cornette's face into a cake)
POWER PRO WRESTLING - 3/22/86 (Very first UWF-based episode of Power Pro - though they don't acknowledge the name change at all. There's a slight change to the set and that's it. Oh, and NONE of the matches advertised on the 3/15/86 are actually shown. I've got a master convert, VQ is EX.)
Hacksaw Duggan vs Buzz Sawyer, UWF TV, 3/22/86 (JIP - Duggan wins North American title) Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams vs Sheepherders, UWF TV, 3/22/86 (JIP - Sheepherders win Mid-South tag titles) Fantastics Video "Tush", 1986 Fantastics vs Pat Rose & Tom Pritchard, Mid-South TV, 1985 Rock & Roll Express vs Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts, Mid-South TV, 1985 Buddy Landell vs Johnny Mantell, Mid-South TV, 10/6/84 Buzz Sawyer vs Don Turner, Mid-South TV, 10/19/85 Steve Williams vs Dick Murdoch, Oklahoma City, 1985 (Cage - JIP - Murdoch just NAILS Doc with a standing dropkick to the face in this one)