TAPE 1326

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 5 hrs (DVD)

K-1 DYNAMITE USA - 6/2/07 (Commercial DVD of K-1's initial foray into the US with their MMA promotion. This is best-known for having the rematch of Royce & Sakuraba as well as Brock Lesnar's MMA debut. I've got a master so VQ is EX. Audio is in English)
Tim Persey vs Jonathan Wiezorek Jake Shields vs Ido Pariente Johnnie Morton vs Bernard Ackah (Morton goes from the NFL to KTFO in about 40 seconds) Mighty Mo vs Ruben Villareal Melvin Manhoef vs Dong-Sik Yoon (Great fight as Dong-Sik Yoon weathers a huge storm from Manhoef to take the victory) Brad Pickett vs Hideo Tokoro Kazushi Sakuraba vs Royce Gracie (Gracie thoroughly dominates this snorefest with little action. Decision would later get overturned when Gracie failed a steroid test.) Brock Lesnar vs Min-Soo Kim (Brock's MMA debut) Nam Phan vs JZ Cavalcante Katsuhiro Nagata vs Isiah Hill