TAPE 1329

Quality: Varies

Length: 80 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING - 4/26/86 (Another full episode of PPW. VQ on this is EX.)
Fantastics vs Sheepherders, New Orleans, 4/19/86 (JIP - From Crockett Cup '86) Fantastics vs Midnight Express, Tulsa, 8/26/84 (The MX are the world champs so Watts digs up this old match to show the UWF champs are better than the world champs) Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts vs Brad Armstrong & Brickhouse Brown, New Orleans, 6/1/85 (JIP - from the Superdome) Hacksaw Duggan vs Khrusher Khruschev, Mid-South TV, 1984 (Hair vs Flag - this is NOT the match where Duggan burns the Russian flag) Interview w/Hacksaw Duggan and his father Kamala vs Billy Jack Haynes, Houston, 12/27/84 (JIP) Chavo Guerrero vs Rip Rogers, Houston, 8/12/83 (Sure is weird seeing Rip w/black hair)
POWER PRO WRESTLING - 5/3/86 (Rare episode of PPW from 1986. Great stuff. Quality is VG/EX.)
Chavo Guerrero vs Jesse Barr, Houston, 7/29/83 (JIP) Kamala vs David Diamond, Mid-South TV, 1/5/85 Fantastics vs Dutch Mantell & Bill Dundee, 9/22/85 Rock & Roll Express vs Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts, New Orleans, 6/24/85 (The Rock & Roll Express "we're leaving, so we're jobbing" tour continues)