TAPE 1331

Quality: EX

Length: 1.75 hrs (DVD)

RINGS USA - 3/17/01 (Little-seen comm. tape from one of RINGS' handful of forays into the US. VQ is EX.)
Scott Ventimiglia vs Joe Doerksen Rich Franklin vs Travis Fulton (How do you have 5 billion career fights? By quitting at the least sign of resistance from your opponent as Fulton does here by claiming a non-existent hand injury - yet he somehow managed to fight again 13 days later.) Curt Brigham vs Naoyuki Kotani Zane Frazier vs Bobby Hoffman Matt Hughes vs Brett Al-Azzawi Chatt Lavender vs Laverne Clark Kerry Schall vs John Dixson Jermaine Andre vs Masaya Kojima Jeremy Horn vs Griffen Reynaud