TAPE 1337

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

WORLD COMBAT CHAMPIONSHIP - 10/17/95 (Conceived as a rival to UFC with excellent production values and big paydays for the fighters, this unfortunately was their only show. Their unique concept was to have striker and grappler divisions and make the rules different in each, like limiting the time on the ground and eliminating submissions in the striker division. I've got a DVD master, VQ is EX.)
Renzo Gracie vs Ben Spijkers (So much for Renzo being the one Gracie I don't hate. Here he submits Spijkers, breaks his hold late, then kicks Spijkers as he's breaking the hold, then STEPS ON SPIJKERS' NECK while he's facedown recovering from the fight. WTF. Apparently, Spijkers may have insulted Renzo or something. Whatever.) Sean McCully vs Erik Paulson Bart Vale vs Mike Bitonio James Warring vs Jerome Turcan Jerry Bell vs Phil Benedict Renzo Gracie vs Phil Benedict Erik Paulson vs James Warring Jerry Flynn vs Fred Floyd (LOL, tough guy Flynn taps to absolutely nothing) Renzo Gracie vs James Warring