TAPE 1339

Quality: GD

Length: 94 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING - 5/31/86 (Mistakenly labeled by some as 6/7/86. Good show highlighted by Flair vs Jake. Quality on this one is GD.)
Ted DIbiase & Steve Williams video "Born in the USA" Koko B Ware vs Gustavo Mendoza, Mid-South TV< 3/1/86 (THE dropkick) One Man Gang vs Brad Armstrong, Houston, 3/22/85 Bill Watts Buried Under Russian Flag, UWF TV, 5/31/86 (This was the talk of the wrestling world for a few minutes in 1986) Ric Flair vs Jake Roberts, Oklahoma City, 4/28/85
POWER PRO WRESTLING - 6/7/86 (Often mislabeled as 6/14/86. Quality on this is GD.)
Freebirds video "Can't Stop Rockin'" Jack Victory vs Brett Sawyer, Houston, 5/30/86 (UWF Title Tourney) Missing Link vs Mike Bond, Mid-South TV, 10/1/83 (Link is intro'ed as "Max the Missing Link") One Man Gang vs Wendell Cooley, Tulsa, 7/27/85 (Wrestlefest '85) Hacksaw Duggan vs Terry Gordy, Houston, 5/30/86 (JIP - UWF Title Tourney Finals - Before the match, One Mang Gang attacks Duggan and legit injures him on an exposed ringpost bolt. Duggan hits a huge gusher but works a tough match anyway. Gordy wins UWF title) Terry Taylor vs The Nightmare, Mid-South TV, 1/11/86 Terry Taylor vs Buzz Sawyer, UWF TV, 6/7/86 (Taylor wins UWF TV title)