TAPE 1355

Quality: EX

Length: 2 hrs (DVD

UWF TV - 11/14/87 (Super-rare episode of UWF TV from late in the life of the once-great Federation. There’s still some good stuff here amidst so obvious dropoff from the heyday. This show was taped 11/1/87 in Salisbury, MD. Quality on this is EX.)
Interview w/Ronnie Garvin (They helpfully put up a graphic on-screen labeling Garvin the "NWA N.A. Heavyweight Champion" instead of world champion. Good grief.) Lex Luger vs Chance McQuade Dusty Rhodes vs Hiro Matsuda, Greensboro, 10/25/87 (Clips - Matsuda throws salt in Dusty’s eyes before the match, then Luger & Matsuda attack him during the match) Starrcade Control Center Jive Tones vs Trent Knight & Max McGiver Ron Simmons vs The Phantom (After the match, Simmons brawls with the Jive Tones) Nelson Royal explains the Bunkhouse Stampede matches (This is so hilariously awful. Royal is sitting at a campfire and pours a cup of coffee to tell you about guys fighting in in the old days or something. Lame segment with terrible production values.) Tim Horner & Shane Douglas vs Bob Emory & Joe Lynn (Brad Armstrong is injured so Douglas is now teaming with Horner as "The New Lightning Express". This lasted like one week.) Mighty Wilbur vs Tony Suber Larry Zbyszko vs Dexter Wescott Sting vs Eddie Gilbert (Of course the TV time runs out)
UWF TV - 11/21/87 (Another super-rare UWF TV episode. Also taped 11/1/87. Also EX quality.)
Sting vs Tony Stetson Starrcade Control Center Luke Williams & Johnny Ace vs Bob Emory & Dexter Wescott Larry Zbyszko vs Tony Suber Mike Rotundo vs The Phantom Terry Taylor & Eddie Gilbert vs Curtis Thompson & Max McGiver Ivan Koloff vs Jimmy Garvin (Koloff attacks Garvin with his chain, Mighty Wilbur makes the save and gets whipped with the chain for his troubles) Lex Luger vs Joe Lynn