TAPE 1360

Quality: EX

Length: 81 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING - 10/24/87 (Another episode of this great show. Show is incomplete as the promos are missing but the matches are all here. This was taped 10/16 in Kansas City. VQ is EX, probably a master convert)
Missy Hyatt screws up the opening (she mangles some stuff, then laughs it off. Can you imagine Vinnie Mac allowing a screwed-up intro to a taped show? Of course not.) Terry Taylor vs Steve Cox "Badstreet USA" music video The Jive Tones attacking Ron Simmons (this is an incredibly awkward, racist, race-baiting angle. Badly executed, too.) Recap of Taylor/Gilbert angles, including Gilbert stealing the NWA TV title belt Jive Tones vs Sting & Shane Douglas (blown finish, screwed up announcing by JR) Sheepherders vs Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner, 10/16/87 (Sheepherders win UWF tag titles)
POWER PRO WRESTLING - 10/31/87 (Mostly complete episode thatís missing an angle where Ron Simmons gets tarred & feathered. Quality is EX)
Starrcade Control Center Rock & Roll Express vs Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard, 9/29/87 (the Midnight Express attack the R&R on their way to the ring, injuring Morton. The Horsemen demand the match go on anyway so Robert Gibson goes it alone before Morton comes out and tags himself in. Gibson then throws in the towel. Arn & Tully win NWA World Tag titles) Sting vs The Enforcer Michael Hayes vs The Red Devil Sheepherders vs Shane Douglas & Steve Cox (Ace runs in and uses the flag pole but the Lightning Express make the save)