TAPE 1361

Quality: EX

Length: 83 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING - 8/2/86 (Fun episode from the UWFs hottest period. Quality on this is EX.)
Rick Steiner vs Nick Patrick, Power Pro TV, 11/16/85 (Steiner is announced as being from New York City and hes wearing a pinstripe jersey. Weird. And, yes, thats the referee Nick Patrick.) Fantastics vs Dirty White Boys, Mid-South TV, 1985 Steve Williams vs Karl Stiles Kamala vs Shawn Michaels (No match - Kamala destroys Michaels and then splashes him off the top rope. See, Michaels was coming to prominence in the AWA so Watts had to bury him by showing an old squash, something Watts did roughly a million times from 1984-86.) Missing Link vs Ronnie Garvin, Houston, 7/29/83 (JIP - This is basically a squash with Link just killing Garvin. Weird that it would be so one-sided. Same notes for the Michaels match apply here, too.) Terry Taylor vs Edcar Thomas
POWER PRO WRESTLING - 8/9/86 (Another complete episode. Quality is EX.)
Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams vs Sean OReilly & Gustavo Mendoza Cowboy Lang vs Lord Littlebrook Iceman Parsons vs Frank Lavert Special Feature: UWFs First Visit to Dallas, 7/27/86 (they make sure to highlight that they run their shows quickly, with no downtime between matches) Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams Music Video ("Living in America" - this was shown roughly 873 times on UWF TV in 1986) Terry Taylor vs Kamala (Jake Roberts interferes and it backfires. After the match, Jim Ross trashes Kamala, calling him "grossly out-of-shape" and that he had left the UWF to find easier competition.) Terry Gordy vs Koko B Ware, Houston, 5/30/86 (JIP - from the UWF title tournament)