TAPE 1363

Quality: EX

Length: 88 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING - 10/25/86 (Something of a historic episode as Power Pro gets its own show and begins taping at the Cowtown Coliseum in Fort Worth, TX. In the coming months, Power Pro would almost be a separate promotion, with its own angles, separate from the main UWF show. This was taped 10/19/86. Quality on this is EX but a bit dark.)
Buddy Landell vs Joe Savoldi Ted Dibiase vs Art Crews Terry Gordy vs Gary Young Terry Taylor vs Michael Hayes (Buddy Roberts runs in and whips Taylor) FANTASTICS VS STING & EDDIE GILBERT (Terrific match)
POWER PRO WRESTLING - 11/1/86 (Another show from the first taping of PPW at the Cowtown on 10/19/86. Quality is EX)
Buddy Roberts vs Jeff Raitz Savannah Jack vs Gustavo Mendoza Buddy Landell & Leroy Brown vs Terry Taylor & Gary Young (Savannah Jack runs in to make a save after the match; Chris Adams is on commentary, practically begging to be Taylorís partner, saying heís better than Gary Young) Chavo Guerrero vs Rick Steiner Recap of the Missy Hyatt vs Dark Journey Feud Missing Link & Dark Journey vs Eddie Gilbert & Missy Hyatt (Supposed to be Tatum, not Gilbert but he attacks Gilbert instead before leaving. Tatum & Victory run in later to attack) Michael Hayes vs Ted Dibiase (Country Whipping Match - TV time runs out after about 60 sec)