TAPE 1365

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 5 hrs (3 DVD)

JIM CROCKETT PROMOTIONS "THE GOOD OLD DAYS" (This is a documentary on the history of JCP as told by many of its biggest stars. Other than Ric Flair, pretty much every guy you’d want to see is included. Interviews with Jim, David & Jackie Crockett, Dusty Rhodes, Tully Blanchard, Masked Superstar, Baby Doll, Ronnie Garvin, Jim Cornette, JJ Dillon, Jimmy Valiant, Paul Jones and others are included. The entire history of the promotion is included, all the way back to Jim Sr’s days starting out. And that history is covered in detail, both good and bad. What shines through most is how nearly everyone looks back with great fondness to their time in JCP. The word "fun" comes up over and over and over. Lots of myths are disspelled and explanations for things that previously made no sense are given. You’ll walk away with a new respect for Jim Crockett too. Given the chance to blame others for the company crashing, he repeatedly takes the blame himself and puts the failures on him since he was the leader. Bottom line? This is a must-have. Quality is EX.)