TAPE 1366

Quality: EX

Length: 84 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING - 9/19/87 (Another episode of this great show from the later days of the UWF. Quality on this is EX)
Terminator vs Ken Massey Terry Taylor vs Shane Douglas, UWF TV, 9/19/87 (Taylor wins UWF TV title) Sheepherders vs Bobby Howell & Craig Whitford Big Bubba Rogers vs Ron Simmons (Black Bart runs in, Hayes & Doc make the save) Steve Williams vs Black Bart (Very short match that ends in double countout but thatís followed by a long post-match brawl between the two. Very, very bloody.) Sting & Chris Adams vs Killer Killifha & Red Devil Rick Steiner vs Ron Ellis
POWER PRO WRESTLING - 9/26/87 (More of the same as above. VQ is EX.)
UWF Top 10 Ivan Koloff & Tommy Angel, NWA Pro, 7/4/87 Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs The Jive Tones (Looks like the Tones have won the UWF belts but the decision gets reversed) Sheepherders vs Ken Massey & Bobby Howell Terry Taylor vs Davey Haskins Sting vs Mike Boyette