TAPE 1369

Quality: EX

Length: 56 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING - 12/19/87 (Second-to-last ever episode of Power Pro. This is actually NWA Worldwide with different announcers. Quality is EX.)
Nikita Koloff vs Thunderfoot #2 Dusty Rhodes talks about the Bunkhouse Stampede Warlord & Ivan Koloff vs Rocky King & Jesse McLain Mike Rotundo vs John Savage (Kevin Sullivan is now at ringside for Rotundo, "coaching" him) Steve Williams vs Gladiator #1 Larry Zbyszko vs Italian Stallion Interview w/Four Horsemen re: Kicking out Lex Luger (clip shown of Luger saving Mighty Wilbur from a Horsemen attack) Midnight Express vs Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin (Run-ins by Big Bubba & Ronnie Garvin, during which announcer Jack Gregory calls Ronnie "Jim Garvin" repeatedly)