TAPE 1374

Quality: EX (*MASTER* - See below)

Length: 86 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING VOL 19 - 2/23/85 (Another episode of this great show. I've got a master so VQ is EX.)
Edcar Thomas vs Shawn Michaels Steve Williams vs Hacksaw Duggan, Mid-South TV, 2/9/85 (Duggan "breaks" Doc's arm) Best-Dressed Man in Mid-South Contest, Mid-South TV, 2/16/85 (dumb idea and dumb angle but Ted & Duggan pull it off) Kamala vs Butch Reed, Mid-South TV, 2/16/85 (Turns into a huge brawl) Ted Dibiase vs Brad Armstrong, Tulsa, 1985 Dirty White Boys vs Mike Jackson & Mark Cooper
POWER PRO WRESTLING VOL 19 - 3/2/85 (Same as above except this show has some video distortion at the bottom of the screen)
Brad Armstrong vs Jack Victory Hacksaw Duggan & John Anderson at Duke's Country, Tulsa Best-Dressed Man in Mid-South Contest, Mid-South TV, 2/23/85 (Dibiase gets the rematch he demanded and still loses. He takes the loss well - he destroys the windshield on Hacksaw's car. Duggan's car isn't all that fancy but Ross gets it over by talking about its sentimental value. Well done.) Midnight Express vs Rock & Roll Express, Oklahoma City, 2/85 ($10,000 vs 5 minutes with Cornette) Tim Horner & Terry Daniels vs Paul Brown & Blue Demon