TAPE 1390

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 86 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING VOL 37 - 11/2/85 (Another episode of this great show. I've got a master so VQ is EX.)
Dick Slater & Buzz Sawyer beating up Hacksaw Duggan & his girlfriend, Mid-South TV, 10/26/85 (Duggan brings out his real-life girlfriend, and future wife, and proceeds to talk about how women belong in the home and blah blah blah. Slater & Sawyer attack, the girlfriend intervenes and ends up getting rammed into the turnbuckles and eating an elbow drop. Jim Ross intros this as "the most tragic incident ever in Mid-South") The Eddie Gilbert Portrait Contest Eddie Gilbert vs Rick James Steve Williams vs Steve Constance, Oklahoma City, 10/27/85 The Nightmare vs Tony Falk, Oklahoma City, 10/27/85 Rock & Roll Express vs Chavo & Hector Guerrero, Houston, 2/5/85 (Cage - Wow is this way too short and not very good) Bob Sweetan vs Larry Clarke Joel Watts Super-Slo Mo video of stiff shots ("The Punishment of Pro Wrestling" - this video is intended to show how real and dangerous pro wrestling is and features slow motion clips of various nasty chair shots and bad falls. Includes Nord the Barbarian ending Tim Ashley's career with a botched elbow drop)
POWER PRO WRESTLING VOL 37 - 11/9/85 (Same as above)
Update on Hacksaw Duggan's Girlfriend Interviews w/Terry Taylor & the Rock & Roll Express (They've left the Mid-South area but they still love Mid-South fans and want everybody to know it) Terry Taylor vs Kamala, Mid-South TV, 3/23/85 Eddie Gilbert vs Tony Falk, Oklahoma City, 10/27/85 (JIP) Humongous & The Nightmare vs Steve Constance & Jimmy Backlund Butch Reed/Dick Slater Confrontation, Mid-South TV, 11/2/85 (Dark Journey slaps Reed after he tells her she's pretending to be something she's not. Nice little bit of shooting there by Reed as that's exactly what she's doing - pretending to be black when she's actually white. The fans don't pick up on that, though, as it just sounds like a generic insult) Dick Slater vs Nick Patrick, Oklahoma City, 10/27/85 (JIP) Butch Reed vs Mr. Wrestling II, Houston, 9/9/83 (JIP) Butch Reed video "Body Work"