TAPE 1395

Quality: EX (See Below)

Length: 14 hrs (7 DVD)

GREAT AMERICAN BASH '87 TOUR (Incredible compilation putting together matches from all the various GAB house shows and tour locations. With so many crews so busy, JCP was forced to televise GAB matches on all their shows - which RULED. Now they're combined together in one place. Quality is basically Ex throughout. GREAT compilation.)
Mike Rotundo vs Konga the Barbarian, Lakeland, 7/1/87 MOD Squad vs Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts, Lakeland, 7/1/87 Sheepherders vs Mike Graham & Steve Keirn, Lakeland, 7/1/87 (No DQ) Blackjack Mulligan, Bugsy McGraw & Ed Gantner vs Dory Funk, Sir Oliver Humperdink & Black Assassin, Lakeland, 7/1/87 (Bunkhouse Tag) Rock & Roll Express vs Midnight Express, Lakeland, 7/1/87 Eddie Gilbert vs Mark Fleming, Landover, 7/2/87 Rocky King vs Thunderfoot #2, Landover, 7/2/87 Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts vs Ivan Koloff & Paul Jones, Landover, 7/2/87 Steve Williams vs Dick Murdoch, Landover, 7/2/87 (Texas Death) ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS VS MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, Landover, 7/2/87 Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Koloff & Road Warriors vs Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard, Landover, 7/2/87 (Cage - 2 min shown; bad sound in this one) Barry Windham vs Rick Steiner, Atlanta, 7/4/87 (JIP) Free Birds vs Ivan Koloff, Manny Fernandez, Paul Jones, Atlanta, 7/4/87 Rock & Roll Express vs Midnight Express, Atlanta, 7/4/87 Steve Williams vs Dick Murdoch, Atlanta, 7/4/87 (Texas Death - Clipped) DUSTY RHODES, NIKITA KOLOFF, ROAD WARRIORS & PAUL ELLERING VS RIC FLAIR, LEX LUGER, ARN ANDERSON, TULLY BLANCHARD & JJ DILLON, Atlanta, 7/4/87 (War Games Cage - this is the legendary first-ever War Games match. Fantastic, heated contest.) Misty Blue vs Kat Leroux, Pittsburgh, 7/10/87 (Tracking issues) Sting & Chris Adams vs Konga the Barbarian & Thunderfoot #1, Pittsburgh, 7/10/87 (Tracking) Black Bart vs Italian Stallion, Pittsburgh, 7/10/87 (Tracking issues) Buddy Roberts vs Jerry Jackson, Pittsburgh, 7/10/87 (Tracking issues) Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steiner, Pittsburgh, 7/10/87 Big Bubba Rogers vs Jimmy Garvin, Pittsburgh, 7/10/87 Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy vs MOD Squad, Pittsburgh, 7/10/87 Steve Williams vs Dick Murdoch, Pittsburgh, 7/10/87 Midnight Express vs Barry Windham & Ronnie Garvin, Pittsburgh, 7/10/87 Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Koloff & Road Warriors vs Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard, Pittsburgh, 7/10/87 (some video issues) MOD Squad vs Jimmy Valiant & Lazortron, Greensboro, 7/11/87 (Bunkhouse tag) Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts vs Ivan Koloff & Manny Fernandez, Greensboro, 7/11/87 Lex Luger vs Nikita Koloff, Greensboro, 7/11/87 (Cage - Clipped - Luger wins US title) Ric Flair vs Jimmy Garvin, Greensboro, 7/11/87 (Cage - JIP - Flair wins Precious for a night) Bob Bradley & The Enforcer vs Shane Douglas & Davey Haskins, Oklahoma City, 7/11/87 Tim Horner & Brad Armstrong vs Gary Young & The Terminator, Oklahoma City, 7/11/87 Terry Gordy vs Black Bart, Oklahoma City, 7/11/87 (Taped Fist - Super, super bloody match) BARRY WINDHAM VS DICK MURDOCH, Oklahoma City, 7/11/87 (Long, terrific match) STEVE WILLIAMS VS BIG BUBBA ROGERS, Oklahoma City, 7/11/87 (Williams wins the UWF World title. Rare, complete version of this terrific match) Rock & Roll Express vs Cuban Connection, Orlando, 7/12/87 Mike Rotundo vs Ivan Koloff, Orlando, 7/12/87 (JIP) Lazertron vs Jerry Grey, Orlando, 7/12/87 Sheepherders vs Mike Graham & Steve Keirn, Orlando, 7/12/87 (No DQ) Blackjack Mulligan & Kevin Sullivan vs Dory Funk & Sir Oliver Humperdink, Orlando, 7/12/87 Jimmy Valiant, Lazertron & Kendall Windham vs Sean Royal & The Gladiators, Charlotte, 7/18/87 Vladimir Petrov vs Todd Champion, Charlotte, 7/18/87 Rock & Roll Express vs MOD Squad, Charlotte, 7/18/87 Barry Windham vs Big Bubba Rogers, Charlotte, 7/18/87 Midnight Express vs Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts, Charlotte, 7/18/87 Steve Williams & Terry Gordy vs Dick Murdoch & Eddie Gilbert, Charlotte, 7/18/87 (Bunkhouse Tag - JIP) Dusty Rhodes vs Tully Blanchard, Charlotte, 7/18/87 (Barbed Wire) Gene Ligon vs Italian Stallion, Roanoke, 7/19/87 (JIP) Konga the Barbarian vs Kendall Windham, Roanoke, 7/19/87 Jimmy Valiant & Lazertron vs Sean Royal & Thunderfoot #2, Roanoke, 7/19/87 Jimmy Garvin vs Manny Fernandez, Roanoke, 7/19/87 Manny Fernandez vs Bill & Randy Mulkey, Miami, 7/31/87 (JIP - Handheld) Sheepherders vs Ronnie & Jimmy Garvin, Miami, 7/31/87 (Clipped - handheld) Barry Windham vs Incubus, Miami, 7/31/87 (handheld) Steve Keirn & Bugsy McGraw vs Ricky Santana & Cuban Assassin, Miami, 7/31/87 (JIP - handheld) Rock & Roll Express vs Midnight Express, Miami, 7/31/87 (Clipped - handheld) Mike Rotundo vs Ivan Koloff, Miami, 7/31/87 (JIP - handheld) Kevin Sullivan vs Dory Funk, Miami, 7/31/87 (Texas Death - Clipped - handheld) Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Koloff, Road Warriors & Paul Ellering vs Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard & War Machine, Miami, 7/31/87 (War Games Cage - Clipped)