TAPE 1396

Quality: EX

Length: 95 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING - 1/10/87 (Good show from the heyday of the UWF. Quality is EX.)
Sting vs Iceman Parsons, Power Pro, 1/3/87 (Finish only) Eli the Eliminator vs Mike Reed Hacksawn Duggan & Terry Taylor vs Mike George & Jack Victory (Duggan looks like he's high here; JR on commentary says "they appear to be in good spirits") Interview w/Don Walton of Dallas Times-Herald (Announcement of UWF posters) Sting vs Ron Ellis Recap of the Williams/Gordy feud Steve Williams vs Terry Gordy Bunkhouse Brawl (Start of the match only)
POWER PRO WRESTLING - 1/24/87 (Another complete episode in EX quality. NOTE: The very beginning of the show is missing)
One Man Gang vs Jeff Raitz Dark Journey KO'ing Missy Hyatt with her purse, UWF TV, 1/17/87 Rick Steiner & Eddie Gilbert vs Jeff Gaylord & Gary Young UWF Top 10 Steve Williams vs Mike Reed Fantastics & Chavo Guerrero vs Mike George, Jack Victory & Art Crews Michael Hayes vs Missing Link (Terry Gordy & Angel of Death run in and we end up with Sunshine KO'ing Dark Journey)